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12 CHAPTER 1 Developing Designs Show children a few pieces of clothing, each of a very different style, and en- courage them to talk about the similarities and differences. Ask children what kinds of clothes they like and why. Explain that someone designed their clothes and that some people do this as their job. Tell them that one way to design clothes is to draw an idea first and then cut it out of cloth. Show them sewing patterns. See if they want to design a piece of clothing for a doll or themselves. Help children think about the steps in creating clothes, and provide them with materials to produce their new designs. AME MATERIALS a variety of clothing items, sewing patterns, measuring tape, pencils, tissue paper, scissors, fabric, and accessories OTHER IDEAS Visit a sewing factory or a sewing class to see the equipment and samples of clothes made. AMT Invite a tailor who makes clothes or performs alterations to come speak to the class about his job. Encourage the visitor to show some of the tools he uses to do his job, and see if he will measure a few children to show them what a fitting is. Alternatively, watch a video clip of a tailor and discuss it. Read and role-play Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carl- strom, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin, or another book about children’s clothes. ALE Encourage children to create a group collage using pictures of clothes from catalogs and magazines. Initiate discussions about the purpose, styles, and sizes of clothing. ALE ALM