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THERE’S SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT ME! My Favorites Designate a “My Favorites” day for each child. On the designated day, allow the child to bring a favorite toy, wear a favorite article of clothing, have a fa- vorite story read, lead a favorite game, sing a favorite song, and sit in a favor- ite spot. Encourage discussion about why the child likes these things, and show appreciation and support for the choices. LE MATERIALS materials identified by children OTHER IDEAS Have a series of “My Favorite” days, each with a different focus, such as “Favorite Book Day” or “Favorite Thing about Myself Day.” Encourage each child to select his favorite for the day and share it with the group. LE Read and discuss You’re All My Favor- ites by Sam McBratney. Talk about how sometimes there is not a single favorite and how people can like several things (or people) in equal amounts. ALE Create a chart of favorite games you play with the children. Put their names down the side and the game names across the top. Each child then places an X in the correct box to indicate a favorite game. With the children, count the votes for each game, and let them know which game is the favorite of the most people in the group. Play, sing, move to the music, and talk about the song “My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews or some other performer. Encourage children to think about their own favorite things about themselves and share them. ALPE LMPE 11