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10 CHAPTER 1 I’m a Leader Allow children to take turns being the leader during various transition times and activities. As leader, they might start a song with your prompting, be the leader of the line, or serve as the helper of the day. Select children to lead based on their interests and abilities so that all can shine in their leadership role, whether they are being the band director as other children play rhythm band instruments, greeting guests who enter the room, or distributing napkins for everyone. Ask children what they think they did best as a leader. PE MATERIALS prop to make the leader look or feel special (baton, crown, cape) OTHER IDEAS Read and discuss Tillie and the Wall by Leo Lionni or other books about leadership. LE Play the traditional game Follow the Leader, and give each child the opportunity to both follow and lead. Discuss the role of leadership and how important it is for the leaders to consider the followers. Invite leaders from the school or community to talk about their jobs as leaders and how being a leader makes them feel. LE Read and discuss A Day’s Work by Eve Bunting. LE ALPE