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THERE’S SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT ME! IL CH A DREN’S CTIVITIE S I Can Do This Have children think of some activity they each really like to do or think they do well. Examples may include kicking a ball, working a puzzle, singing a song, telling a story, buttoning their clothes, drawing a picture, counting, or help- ing another. Ask the children to draw, demonstrate, or talk about the activity. They can display their picture for the group to see, show the group something they do well, teach other children how to do something, or talk to the group about something they can do. Encourage the group to show appreciation and acceptance of each thing a child contributes. Help the children understand that more than one person can be really good at an activity. ALE MATERIALS markers, crayons, chart paper, drawing paper, and props children need for their demonstrations OTHER IDEAS Make a self-help checklist for each child, and include skills like brushing teeth, combing hair, washing hands, putting on shoes, putting on a coat, zipping clothes, and tying shoes. Read the chart to each child individ- ually, and ask which of the tasks the child knows how to do already. Help the child check off those tasks. LMPE Read and discuss Harold and the Pur- ple Crayon, 50th Anniversary Edition, by Crockett Johnson. Talk about all of the things Harold can do with his purple crayon. ALE Play, sing, and talk about “Shining Like a Star” by Laura Doherty. ALE Invite family members to visit and tell about something they do well or something their child does well. LE 7