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Preschool and Kindergarten / Health Education Help children develop awareness “This entire curriculum series is so easy to use and full of practical uses of materials and ideas. Teachers will love and appreciate the incorporation of all academic areas into this health curriculum. It’s a must have!” ow g Gr —Alisa S. Ghazvini, PhD, early childhood consultant and former early childhood teacher and director on “The authors have carefully woven issues of culture, language, and special needs throughout the curriculum and have found a way to address difficult topics (such as death, weapons, and drugs) in an appropriate, matter-of-fact manner that communicates confidence and not fear. This resource series should be a part of every early childhood environment!” 3 Str The curriculum includes • Overviews of the six safety topics • Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the learning environment • Learning objectives and vocabulary words to introduce and use • Suggestions for evaluating children’s understanding of each topic • More than 30 hands-on classroom activities • Family information and take-home activities Gro wi ng Children deserve to play and learn in safe environments. The earlier children understand safety concepts, the more naturally they will develop the attitudes and respect that lead to lifelong patterns of safe behavior. Support children as they begin to incorporate actions into their lives that make them feel more secure. Use this Safety curriculum to help children learn about pedestrian safety, seat belt use, fire and burn prevention, weapons avoidance, poisoning prevention, and tobacco and alcohol awareness. ing, for a safer life This book is part of the Growing, Growing Strong series, a whole- health curriculum for children age three through kindergarten. Together, the books provide a complete set of activities and resources to help you support children’s growth and wellness. About the Authors Dr. Connie Jo Smith, Dr. Charlotte M. Hendricks, and Dr. Becky S. Bennett are experienced and passionate leaders in the career management, early childhood, and health education fields. —Sherri R. Meyer, Masters of Art in Education, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE), and adjunct faculty at Western Kentucky University 978-1-60554-242-3 $14.95