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I WANT TO BE STREET-SMART AND STREET-SAFE! Signs, Signs Display selected international traffic signs. Ask children to tell you what they think each of the signs means and how the sign can help keep people safe. Re- view with children what each sign means and what international means. Give each child a miniature sign and have him find a large matching one from the display. MATERIALS enlarged and laminated pictures of international traffic signs or commercial tricycle path traffic signs (such as Stop, Yield, One Way, No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No U Turn, No Pedestrians, No Bicycles, Traffic Signal Ahead, School Zone, School Xing, Winding Road, Slippery When Wet, Pedestrian Crossing, and Playground) and teacher-made or commercial miniature traffic signs for the block interest area OTHER IDEAS Provide materials and guidance for children to create traffic signs to be used on the playground or in the block interest area, or to be cut into puzzles. ALMP Place commercial or classroom-made traffic signs on the playground for children to practice following as pe- destrians and drivers of riding toys. Visit the city or county traffic sign storage facility, and discuss any recognizable signs. LMT Take a walk to see, discuss, and prac- tice following traffic signs. LM LMP 13