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I WANT TO BE STREET-SMART AND STREET-SAFE! Stop, Look, and Listen Work with children to create a child-size street scene using cardboard boxes for buildings. Use the trike path, paint, tape, or rope to designate roads with crosswalks. Create sidewalks with flat cardboard or rope. Show children where to stand on the sidewalk, with their toes completely on the sidewalk and not hovering over the curb. Demonstrate how they should look left, look right, and then look left again while listening for any traffic. Show them how they should walk swiftly, but not run, straight across the street to the other side. After chil- dren have practiced with you several times, designate half of the children as cars and encourage them to walk the “road” making car sounds. Let the other half of the children practice being safe pedestrians by crossing the street safely. Reverse roles so all children have a turn at practicing pedestrian safety. Re- mind children that they should only cross real roads if they are with an adult or if their parents or guardians say they can cross without them. MATERIALS cardboard boxes, paint, rope, and tape OTHER IDEAS Sing with children safety songs like “Stop, Look, and Listen/I’m No Fool” by Cliff Edwards. AL adding walking, jumping, or other movements rather than running. Playing this game without anyone ever being “out” increases the activity time for all and contributes to fitness. Talk about listening for cars and read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Play Simon Says, and incorporate Hear? by Bill Martin Jr. commands to stop, look, listen, and go. Increase the difficulty by adding Play the traditional children’s game look left, look right, look left again, Red Light Green Light, a game in look behind, go to the crosswalk which children run when “green (on the trike path), and other traffic light” is called and freeze when “red safety–​related actions. light” is called. Vary the game by LP LS LP 9