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4 INTRODUCTION Science/Math reflectors to examine and sort clips, hooks, and other fasteners toy tires to sort spools and dowel rods to create axles toy cars to take apart smoke detector to take apart thermometers (without mercury) to examine and compare tobacco leaves (whole and crumbled) to examine and smell tobacco leaf in different stages of growth pet food containers and pet food to count pieces, weigh, and sort ! Safety Note: Children should wash hands after handling pet food. visiting classroom pet to feed Outdoors handheld stop signs air pump and tires to fill reflective vests paper and pencil to issue speeding tickets playground streets/roads or trike paths to practice crossing pinwheels, weather vane, windmill helmets fire escape ladder ropes to create crosswalks outdoor thermometer traffic signs (Stop, Yield, One Way) parachute horns and bells for riding vehicles drums flags for riding vehicles tobacco plant reflectors for riding vehicles Technology weather forecast video or multi-touch mobile device application bladeless fan recorded sounds of emergency alarms weather radio clocks with alarms to set Sand, Water, and Construction wooden squares to paint for traffic signs charred wood water hose connected to water supply and designated area for using watering cans to create floods in containers with dirt or sand waterwheel for water play water pump for water play