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Family Child care Shop Online at Assess qualifications and professional development, income and benefits, work environment, and more. Softbound, 48 pgs. Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care #749777 $22.95 An ideal training program! Address the core professional competency standards of accreditation and credentialing programs. Two softbound books, 408 pgs. and 432 pgs. Develop the valuable skills you need to become an effective home visitor. Loaded with tools and strategies, this guide will help you teach, support, and encourage providers. Softbound, 200 pgs. The Home Visitor’s Manual #328201 $49.95 (E-book #541921 $49.95) ESS LI S H E D BY ED LEAF Observations for the FCCERS-R DVD #539301 $67.95 Book + This training package includes an interactive DVD, an instructor’s guide, and a workbook with training activities. DVD, 35 min., guide, 12 pgs., and workbook, 16 pgs. CD- ROM Pg66&67.All.WS14.indd 2 LEAF Learn how to use the FCCERS-R A thorough revision of The Family Day Care Rating Scale, this widely used program quality assessment instrument includes many improvements that make it even more reliable and easy to use. Age focus: 0–12. Spiral, 88 pgs. Observations for the FCCERS-R Workbook #539001 $3.95 ED Successful visits to providers’ homes The popular program quality assessment tool Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale, Revised Edition #111001 $22.95 S H E D BY (E-book #543376 $49.95) R Caring for Children in Family Child Care #103801 $79.95 LI R Measure and improve the quality of your business Family Child Care Homes #540757 $49.95 PR LEAF ESS PR ED PR S H E D BY ESS LI R From Babysitter to Business Owner #109801 $17.95 PUB Be inspired by these low-cost ideas, explore unique and practical possibilities for your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces, and use the checklists to help you evaluate your setting and create a place that feels like a second home to the children in your care. Softbound, 216 pgs. PUB Remove the term “babysitter’’ from your job description and obtain the appreciation and lasting success you deserve. Softbound, 216 pgs. Packed with colorful photographs of inspiring learning spaces PUB Get the most out of your business 67 11/4/13 3:07 PM