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children’s Books Call 800-423-8309 to Order Introducing the Redleaf Lane Children’s book Collection Save more than $25 when buy the series NEW! Early Experiences Set Includes one copy each of Mama’s Gloves, Evette’s Invitation, The Amazing Erik, Bree Finds a Friend, Rita and the Firefighters, and All in One Day. NEW! Charming stories about children in group-care settings #548888 $69.95 Engage children with these high-quality picture books featuring loveable characters facing situations that the children you care for each day might experience too. These stories are fun to read, beautifully illustrated, and sure to become childhood favorites. Each book contains a page of information to help you connect the stories to children’s experiences, making them great teaching tools for your early childhood setting. Age focus: 3 and up. Hardcover, 32 pgs. each. NEW! Bree Finds a Friend NEW! Mama’s Gloves #542119 $15.95 #542102 $15.95 NEW! Rita and the Firefighters NEW! Evette’s Invitation Bree is digging for worms, but she unearths something even better than she expected—a new friend! This story shows how young children can discover friendship through common interests. The firefighters are busy saving the day. How can Rita join in and play? This story chronicles the challenges one child experiences as she tries to enter the play of others. Being apart from his mama can be hard, but something unexpected helps Esteban remember that she always comes back. This sweet story shows one child’s experience with separation anxiety and his recovery from it. #542089 $15.95 Snacktime is a great time for Evette and her classmates to discuss something very exciting—her birthday! This story captures the rich, spontaneous, and oftentimes quirky conversations that young children bring to the table. NEW! All in One Day NEW! The Amazing Erik #542126 $15.95 Follow along as an ordinary day in Mr. Walter’s classroom turns into something unexpected. This story showcases the routine of the day in one group-care setting. #542072 $15.95 Sometimes when children are sad, it can be difficult for them to imagine ever feeling happy again. This uplifting story provides a helpful reminder to children that sadness is a temporary feeling. #542096 $15.95 Best Behavior Simple words and delightful full-color illustrations guide children to choose peaceful, positive behavior Age focus: 2 and up. Eight board books, each 24 pgs. Save more than $5 when you buy the complete set Best Behavior Set #700661-X $57.95 Teeth Are Not For Biting #705301-X $7.95 Tails Are Not For Pulling #709301-X $7.95 Hands Are Not For Hitting #705501-X $7.95 Words Are Not For Hurting #705101-X $7.95 Pacifiers Are Not Forever #717901-X $7.95 Feet Are Not For Kicking #705401-X $7.95 Germs Are Not For Sharing #708401-X $7.95 Diapers Are Not Forever #700281-X $7.95 74 Pg74&75.All.WS14.indd 1 11/4/13 3:21 PM