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Children’s Books Shop Online at Bilingual! Celebrate differences and diversity. Age focus: 0–5. Board book, 24 pgs. All the Colors We Are, 20th Anniversary Edition #540795 $15.95 A joyful celebration of all babies LI S H E D BY ED R With the help of his two mamas, Nate learns he can have more than one best color and one best friend. Bilingual English/Spanish. Age focus: 4–8.Softbound, 32 pgs. ESS LEAF PR ED PR ESS S H E D BY Celebrate the essence of one way we are all special and different from one another—our skin color! This book offers children a simple, scientifically accurate explanation about how our skin color is determined by our ancestors, the sun, and melanin. It’s also filled with photographs that capture the beautiful variety of skin tones. Reading this book frees children from the myths and stereotypes associated with skin color and helps them build positive identities as they accept, understand, and value our rich and diverse world. Unique activity ideas are included to help you extend the conversation with children. Age focus: 3 and up. Hardcover, 32 pgs. PUB Positive words spread powerful messages LI R Best Best Colors/Los Mejores Colores #709201 $12.95 Colorful World #277157 $7.95 PUB NEW! A childhood favorite for 20 years! LEAF A lively story to encourage social acceptance Collections of colorful photographs showcase babies from around the world and explain that wherever they are born, all babies are beautiful. Age focus: 0–2. Board books, 16 pgs. each. Themes associated with child development and social harmony are promoted in simple and straightforward prose. Age focus: 4–8. Hard cover, 32 pgs. Save almost $2 when you buy the set Babies Set #892507 $18.95 The Skin You Live In #958001 $14.95 Vivid, expressive illustrations Global Baby Girls #894395 $6.95 Global Babies #892506 $6.95 American Babies #892803 $6.95 Vibrant photographs showcasing healthy habits around the world Healthy Kids #894371 $7.95 Kids around the world stay healthy when they eat good food, have access to clean water, live in safe homes, and share a loving community. Vibrant photographs showcase the many ways kids can practice healthy habits, wherever they live. Age focus: 0–8. Softbound, 32 pgs. Encourage children to understand emotions— both their own and others’. Age focus: 1–3. Board book, 18 pgs. The Way I Feel #711401 $7.95 A fun story about why we need bees Big City Bees #659068 $19.95 Vivid writing and luminous art tell a story that introduces young readers to the wonders of bees. Age focus: 0–8. Hardcover, 48 pgs. 69 Pg68&69.All.WS14.indd 2 11/4/13 3:09 PM