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Music & MOvement Call 800-423-8309 to Order Reconnect to your childlike wonder and love of learning Playful dance activities and songs Fun opportunities to exercise, improve age- appropriate large-motor skills, and develop body awareness and control. Age focus: 3–6. Spiral, 320 pgs., and 2 CDs, 136 min. PR Enriching movement activities ESS PR R ED ESS ESS S H E D BY ED LEAF A proposal from one of the world’s experts on childhood play An intriguing argument that our children, if free to pursue their own interests through play, will not only learn all they need to know, but will do so with energy and passion. Age focus: 0–8. Hardcover, 288 pgs. Free to Learn #525992 $27.95 All play is essential to children’s development ESS S H E D BY R PR PUB LI LEAF Address and redirect five common play challenges. Key intervention guidelines and sample play plans are provided. Age focus: 1–8. Softbound, 224 pgs. (E-book #541778 $29.95) LEAF PR One, Two, What Can I Do? CD #540542 $19.95 S H E D BY R PUB LI Sensory-integration strategies ED ED 11 songs and 31 instrumentals written and performed by Debbie Clement. Lyric book included. 2 CDs, 136 min. Play LI S H E D BY CD only Build large- and fine-motor skills while supporting emergent skill development the Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn! way children learn best—with #413401 $22.95 their bodies! Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 136 pgs. Come and Play #722101 $29.95 LI R One, Two, What Can I Do? Book + #540405 $39.95 PUB LEAF PUB ED (E-book #541907 $19.95) PR S H E D BY ESS LI R Living Like a Child #540337 $19.95 PUB Learn, live, and teach creatively with these holistic and arts-based techniques that support and enhance children’s academic and social- emotional development. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 192 pgs. LEAF S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Identify where children are having problems, find activities to encourage play skills, and examine how play Play theory translates into practice. Age #326801 $29.95 focus: 1–5. Softbound, 304 pgs. (E-book #541716 $29.95) PUB Help children build cooperative play skills LEAF Big Body Play #896715 $19.95 Drawing from evidence- based practice and the latest research, this book explains the multitude of benefits of big body play for young children’s social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Age focus: 0–8. Softbound, 112 pgs. 52 Pg52&53.All.WS14.indd 1 11/4/13 2:07 PM