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New from Redleaf Press Call 800-423-8309 to Order (E-book #543697 $24.95) S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive, Second Edition #543680 $24.95 PUB NEW! Updated to reflect current standards and practices LEAF Standards are everywhere in early childhood education, from the number of children recommended for each teacher in a room to defining what and how young children should be learning. This book focuses on the ways to use preschool early learning standards in positive child- and family-friendly ways, integrating them into the best curricular practices, and assessing children’s progress as they achieve those expectations. Updated to reflect current state standards across the country, this new edition provides practical help, support, and clear explanations on how to make early learning standards relevant and useful in your classroom or program. The book helps you identify a child’s progress and provides suggestions for developmentally appropriate ways to help the child to accomplish and then go beyond the standard. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 160 pgs. Available June 2014. NEW! More than 75 activities to help fragile children heal from traumatic events S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Making It Better, Second Edition #541600 $19.95 PUB Speaking to the concept of “trauma-informed” early childhood education, this book responds to the learning and behavioral needs of children who have experienced traumatic events or toxic stress—such as natural disasters, community violence, abuse or neglect within the child’s familial relations, and more. In addition to more than 75 empowering and healing classroom activities, there is information to help you understand the impact of children’s disrupted attachments and early insecurities, as well as strategies to help children build resilience. Age focus: 3–8. Softbound, 200 pgs. LEAF (E-book #543307 $19.95) NEW! A compilation of joyful stories from Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Still Teaching in the Key of Life #989579 $11.95 PUB Known and loved for her vitality and individuality, Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld has been teaching and sharing her deep love of children for over 50 years. In this heartwarming collection of 20 stories, Mimi will help you remember why you became a teacher and why what you do every day is so important in the lives of young children. Though you face many challenges and stresses each day, these essays will inspire your work as you read about classrooms filled with joy, laughter, love, and a celebration of learning. Softbound, 144 pgs. Copublished with NAEYC. LEAF 4 Pg4&5.SPR14.indd 1 11/4/13 12:20 PM