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NEW from Redleaf Press Call 800-423-8309 to Order PUB ESS PR LEAF (E-book #542546 $44.95) Working with two- and three-year-olds is an important job, one that will influence children’s lifelong learning. With strategies to plan a developmentally appropriate program, build positive relationships with young children, and support young children’s learning in all areas, this is a classroom essential. It’s also packed with creative activity ideas and colorful photographs. Age focus: 2–3. Softbound, 216 pgs. ESS S H E D BY R ED LEAF Focused Observations, Second Edition Learn more on page 17. #541068 $69.95 (E-book #542515 $69.95) 8 ESS NEW! A comprehensive curriculum for two- and three-year-olds PR PUB Present clear and concise information as you teach focused observation and systematic documentation skills in staff development sessions, college courses, or in-service workshops. This fifty-slide PowerPoint presentation directly corresponds to each chapter in the book Focused Observations, Focused Observations CD- Second Edition. It OM R PowerPoint Presentation highlights key concepts #542249 $39.95 and helps students or participants reflect on their own observation styles, learn new techniques, and apply findings to their work. An instructional booklet with guidelines and tips is included. CD-ROM. LI LEAF S H E D BY ED NEW! PowerPoint presentation S H E D BY ED R (E-book #542577 $34.95) LI LI PR Teaching Twos and Threes #541327 $34.95 R Create a high quality school-age program that is developmentally appropriate and filled with stimulating experiences. Colorful photographs, ideas reflecting the authors’ visits to a variety of school-age programs, questionnaires, and worksheets provide inspiration and guidance as you plan a dynamic environment where children will enjoy their time. Whether your program operates before or after school, on non- school days, during the summer, or overnight, this book will help you think about your work in Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow! new ways. Age focus: 5–12. Softbound, 240 pgs. #541228 $44.95 PUB NEW! Create an engaging school-age program Playing with soapy water, ducks, and scoops is a soothing activity for young children.