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NEW from Redleaf Press Shop Online at NEW! Help children develop lifelong healthy habits with this whole-health curriculum Each book provides: • An overview of six topics within the content area • Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the learning environment • Learning objectives and vocabulary words • Suggestions for evaluating children’s understanding of the topic • More than 30 classroom activities • Family information and take-home activities S H E D BY LI Age focus: 3–6. R ED PR Available October 2013. ESS PUB LEAF NEW! Growing, Growing Strong 5-Book Set Includes one copy each of Body Care, Fitness and Nutrition, Safety, Social and Emotional Well-Being, and Community and Environment. #541433 $59.95 Body Care #542409 $14.95 (E-book #543314 $14.95) NEW! Body Care Young children are aware of and naturally curious about their bodies. This health curriculum introduces important body care habits to children as they develop self-help skills and build a positive self-image. Softbound, 88 pgs. NEW! Fitness and Nutrition NEW! Safety Given the recent rise of childhood obesity, the need for health education is needed more than ever. Introduce important concepts like physical activity, rest and relaxation, and healthy eating habits. Softbound, 88 pgs. The earlier children learn about safety, the more naturally they will develop habits that lead to lifelong patterns of safe behavior. Topics include seat belt use, fire prevention, and drug awareness. Softbound, 88 pgs. NEW! Social and Emotional Well-Being NEW! Community and Environment Children’s social and emotional skills form a critical foundation for learning and wellness that influence how they deal with both successes and adversities in life. This curriculum supports children as they learn about self- esteem, emotions and feelings, and changes in life. Softbound, 88 pgs. Help children develop a sense of security and self-worth by supporting connections with their community. Softbound, 88 pgs. Fitness and Nutrition #542416 $14.95 Safety #542423 $14.95 (E-book #543321 $14.95) (E-book #543338 $14.95) Social and Emotional Well-Being #542430 $14.95 Community and Environment #542447 $14.95 (E-book #543345 $14.95) (E-book #543352 $14.95) 5