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Behavior/Guidance Call 800-423-8309 to Order family based prevention Help your staff members teach children about self-control Practical, research-based strategies for working with children and families Featuring three PhD-level contributors—two from prevention education and one from early childhood—these programs offer research-based yet practical strategies for working with children and families. Each title includes a DVD with two teaching sessions and a CD-ROM with PowerPoint files to help you lead the training. Explore anger and how young children can gradually learn the self-control necessary to manage it. A facilitator’s guide, handout masters, video components, DVD, and supplemental materials are included with the three-hour training. Age focus: 3–5. DVD and 3-ring binder. Facilitator’s Guide #150231 $164.95 CD- ROM Help children with these developmentally appropriate activities Buy the set and save almost $50! This book can be used separately or to complement the What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? workshop. Age focus: 3–5. Spiral, 60 pgs. Family Based Prevention Set CD- ROM Includes five titles shown below. CD- ROMs and DVDs. #330006 $449.95 C D- ROM Nurturing Healthy and Socially Competent Children CD-ROM and DVD, 164 min. #330001 $99.95 Social and Emotional Development in Young Children CD-ROM and DVD, 154 min. #330004 $99.95 Healthy and Successful Children CD-ROM and DVD, 158 min. #330005 CD-ROM and DVD, 183 min. $99.95 Family Communication CD-ROM and DVD, 200 min. #330002 30 Activity Book #150221 $12.95 Use discipline as an opportunity to teach rather than punish This three-hour workshop includes a facilitator’s guide, video segments, handout masters, and supplemental materials. Age focus: 3–5. DVD and 3-ring binder. Facilitator’s Guide #137201 $164.95 Book + CD- ROM Dozens of activities emphasizing discipline, communication, and relationships Complements the Learning Discipline workshop. Age focus: 3–5. Spiral, 64 pgs. $99.95 Building Developmental Assets in Young Children #330003 Book + $99.95 Activity Book #137301 $9.95 Use positive guidance and discipline Understand why misbehavior occurs and how to create and enforce a plan to bring about desired behavior. Age focus: 1–5. DVD, 30 min. Closed-Captioned. Guiding Behavior in Early Childhood #405875 $124.95 CD- ROM