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Shop Online at leadership/Professional development Implement the best teacher training ideas LEAF ED LEAF Dream, organize, and improvise Learn the art and skill of observation S H E D BY ESS LI ED R Training Teachers #131101 $34.95 PR Inspiration and practice to help you observe children, use what you see and hear to craft new opportunities in your classroom, and find new joy in your work with children. Ten study sessions are included, as well as stories, photographs, and classroom reflections. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 282 pgs. S H E D BY ESS ESS PR ED LI PR The Visionary Director, Second Edition #539801 $44.95 S H E D BY R (E-book #542492 $44.95) LI R The Art of Awareness, Second Edition #540863 $44.95 PUB PUB Use innovative training tools and strategies to train teachers. This volume includes an eight-week course in child-centered curriculum planning. Softbound, 288 pgs. PUB LEAF Create a larger vision in early child care. This professional development tool offers a concrete framework for organizing your ideas and work. Cultivate a vision, develop “systems thinking” for management roles, build a learning community for adults and children, and bring your visions to life. Softbound, 336 pgs. Partner with families Building Bridges between Teachers and Families #320091 $64.95 S H E D BY ED Side By Side #320111 $64.95 CD O - M CD- ROM R PR ESS LI R Reflecting Children’s Lives, Second Edition #540399 $34.95 PUB Create inviting, family- oriented, homelike communities. DVD, 21 min. Closed- Captioned. LEAF Plan your child-centered curriculum with ease Sharpen your observation and documentation skills, set up your space, and transform your teaching to reflect children’s interests and needs. Classroom stories, assessment tools, checklists, comparative charts, and activities encourage new approaches and self-reflection as you plan your curriculum and put it into practice. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 264 pgs. Mentor teachers for reflective practice Extend emergent curriculum projects Turn themes emerging in children’s play into in-depth projects. This program shows how documentation can extend a project and make learning visible. Age focus: 3–6. DVD, 22 Thinking Big min. Closed-Captioned. #319901 $64.95 CD- M RO Become a better observer and curriculum developer. This program follows two child care programs as they design an excellent mentoring program. Age focus: 3–5. DVD, 26 min. Closed-Captioned. 13