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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Let’s Walk “Walking Along” (Length 1:41)—CD Track 1 This activity provides an excellent opportunity for you to observe the children’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to posture and alignment, weight distribution, and use of body parts—while the children simply have fun walking. Observing closely, have the children walk in the following ways: • freely (while being straight and tall) • in place (“Show me you can make your knees go higher. Show me you can do it faster.”) • forward (“Show me you can you walk slower.”) • on tiptoe (“Show me you can you make yourself even taller.”) • on heels (briefly) • very slowly; very quickly • with tiny steps; with giant steps • very lightly; very strongly • walk-walk-stop; repeat Extending the Activity: When the children are ready, challenge them to walk in sideways and backward directions (space), reminding them to be even more careful when moving among their classmates. To increase the challenge, combine two movement elements, offering challenges such as the following: • Walk forward on your heels (space and shape). • Walk backward on tiptoe. • Walk sideways while making your body very small. • Walk slowly in a curving pathway (time and space). • Walk quickly in a zigzagging pathway. • Walk as quickly and lightly as you can (time and force). 35 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL