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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “L et ’ s B end ” continued against a lot of pressure, or as though they were weightless (force)? Add more challenging body parts, like fingers, wrists, and ankles. Observation and Evaluation: Is the child able to bend the applicable body parts and in the appropriate directions? Does the child seem to understand the concept of bending? Adding Equipment: Invite the children to bend various body parts while balancing a bean- bag on the body part being bent, or on another, such as the top of the head. Curriculum Connectors: To make mathematics a part of the activity, challenge the chil- dren to count the number of ways each part can bend. Which part can bend the most ways? The fewest? Experimenting with the limitations and capabilities of body parts constitutes science. Incorporating balance, by adding the beanbags, brings an additional science concept into the exploration. 34 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL