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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Introduction  9 Teresa M. Amabile reported that the key personality traits of highly creative people, if not naturally occurring, can be developed in childhood. These traits include • self-discipline about work; • perseverance when frustrated; • independence; • tolerance for unclear situations; • nonconformity to society’s stereotypes; • ability to wait for rewards; • self-motivation to do excellent work; and • a willingness to take risks. (1992) According to Mary Mayesky, Adults who work with young children are in an especially crucial position to foster each child’s creativity. In the day-to-day experiences in early child- hood settings, as young children actively explore their world, adults’ attitudes clearly transmit their feelings to the child. A child who meets with unques- tionable acceptance of her unique approach to the world will feel safe in expressing her creativity, whatever the activity or situation. (2009, 24) Preschoolers & Kindergartners encourages children to find their own ways of responding to challenges, to be individuals, and to imagine. When you meet their uniqueness with “unquestionable acceptance,” the children will be better COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL