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62 DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET M A K E E A R LY L E A R N I N G S TA N D A R D S C O M E A L I V E Early Learning Standards Common Practices in an Early Childhood Classroom Where This Standard May Be Addressed “Children will describe or represent a series of events in the appropriate sequence. Children will use words to denote time periods or a sequence of events.” Keeping a consistent and predictable daily routine and giving children plenty of information about any changes coming up; helping children move through tran- sitions from activity to activity by giving five-minute warnings, setting timers, or pointing to clocks and watches; and providing sequencing games and experiences —Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework Young children like predictability! They don’t worry about the exact length of time for any activity, but they do like to know what’s coming next and what to expect. You can help children learn to trust you by keeping the consistency of the daily routine and alerting them whenever a special event might change that consistency. Beginning to introduce them to ways of timekeeping and giving them the vocabulary to describe time appropriately will help them develop temporal awareness. Also, providing them with sequencing cards and games and having discussions about logical next steps in a sequence will help their thinking skills. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL