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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET many teachers, students and parents, as well as Beth, for sharing their garden- ing curriculum and picnic food with us. Nikki Cornelision, Sheila King, and other parent/teachers from the Dayemi Parent-Child Collective School in Carbondale, Illinois welcomed us to their planning sessions to renovate their outdoor classroom. We appreciate their students’ input and the Southern Illinois University students’ involvement as we planned, took pictures, drew ideas, and shared great discussions. Andy Pense, the Farm to School Coordinator in West Virginia, enthusias- tically told us garden success stories based on his work. He is very active in bringing gardens to kids and kids to gardens. Add Roosevelt took time at the end of a busy day to allow us to photo- graph her and her children at her child care home. Marty Gottlieb shared his images and knowledge of Smart Pot con- tainer gardening. Monica Lehnen, Melissa Himstedt, Hollie Eenigenburg, and Crystal Klomp assisted with photo shoots. Steve Buhman, our good friend and SIUC photographer, took time on a Saturday to take author photos. We would also like to thank the group of parents and their children who allowed us to take pictures as we planted annuals on the green roof at Southern Illinois University. And, of course, we once again thank Jessica Chambers who continues to inspire us with her creative gardens and garden activities. If you are ever near the Illinois State University campus in Bloomington, Illinois, definitely visit the Horticulture Center where Jessica is the Horticulture Coordinator. Each of us owes recognition to our families. Charles, Sara’s husband, could have a new garden built before we finished discussing his contributions (and he would be cooking us a meal at the same time). Her daughter, McCartney, during precious visits split time with demands of the book. Chris, Karen’s husband, and her daughters, Lonzie and Nyssa, always willingly joined her in garden visits or projects. Todd, Marla’s husband, and her daughters, Haleigh, Taylor, and Avery, were very patient with her as she tackled her first profes- sional project in several years and took multiple out of town trips for photo shoots, including one on Taylor’s ninth birthday. All of our families understood when we needed time to meet, write, sort photos, and immerse ourselves in our passion for engaging children in garden- ing. We love and thank them. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Acknowledgments  •  xiii