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WATCH ME MOVE MY BODY! Marbles for Giants On a floor or flat outdoor surface, outline a large circle with chalk, string, or tape. Place several beach balls (five to ten) within the circle. From outside the circle, use an additional beach ball as the “shooter,” allowing children to take turns rolling (or throwing) the shooter in the direction of any of the beach balls within the circle. The goal of the game is to knock beach balls from inside the circle to outside the circle with the shooter. When a beach ball is knocked out of the circle with the shooter, it is considered out of play. Retrieve the shooter, and give it to the next person. Repeat the process until all beach balls have been knocked outside the circle. Increase the difficulty of the game by filling beach balls with water or sand. As another option, number the beach balls inside the circle, and encourage children to knock the beach balls out of the circle in numerical order. LMPET MATERIALS several medium to large beach balls; string, tape, or chalk; and markers OTHER IDEAS Play the game Marbles for Giants, but have children in the circle rather than beach balls. Have children sit or stand inside the marked circle on the floor. Allow children to take turns rolling the shooter beach ball from outside the circle to inside the circle, with the goal of gently touch- ing someone who is sitting or stand- ing inside the circle. The child who is touched by the shooter becomes the next person to roll the shooter, try- ing to touch another person inside the circle. PET Play the game Bowling for Giants by using milk cartons or jugs as bowl- ing pins and beach balls as bowling balls. As an alternative, number the pins, and have children try to knock down pins in numerical order. MPE Choose and number stationary items on the playground (for example, posts, signs, and building corners). Make sure the stationary items are isolated and not in the path of play- ground equipment. With masking tape or rope, mark specific distances on the ground out from each item (to increase or decrease difficulty). 15