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WATCH ME MOVE MY BODY! Around and Around Show children a spinning top, and ask them how they think it works. Let them play with several tops. Ask children to move like the top and describe the sen- sation. Give children hula hoops, streamers, and other materials for making circular motions outside. LPST MATERIALS spinning tops, hula hoops, and streamers OTHER IDEAS Visit an amusement park or carousel to see and feel the movement of the rides. LPE Distribute clean tires across an indoor or outdoor open area, and encourage each child to walk around the top of each tire. LPE ! Safety Note: Be aware that rubber tires contain volatile organic com- pounds (VOCs) and may also con- tain heavy metals—do not use tires that are deteriorating. Have children hold hands and form a circle. Play music, chant, or sing while having children move to the right, then to the left, then to the cen- ter, and then out again. ALPE Play the song “The Bungee Jumpers” by Sharon Shannon or “See Me Spin- ning” by Lora L. Holmes and Jessie L. Gaynor, and encourage children to move to the music according to the lyrics (jumping or spinning). ALPE 13