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12 CHAPTER 1 Let’s Bend In small groups, provide children with bendable art supplies. Invite them to explore the materials. Ask children how the materials are alike. If they do not use the word bend, introduce the term and ask them to show you what parts of their bodies they can bend. Ask questions to help them identify bending parts, such as their necks, elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, toes, and waists. En- courage them to demonstrate the many ways they can bend each body part they name, and then suggest they use the bendable art supplies to mimic bending various body parts. ALPE MATERIALS bendable art supplies (such as garbage bag ties, chenille stems, vinyl-coated wire, yarn, plastic lacing, and Wikki Stix) OTHER IDEAS Show children a model or picture of a skeleton, and let them find the places that bend. LPSE Provide art supplies, and assist chil- dren in “bending” paper to make ori- gami creations. The Activity Village website found at www.activityvillage provides downloadable in- structions, pictures, and videos for creating origami. Invite a yoga instructor to visit the classroom and give a yoga demonstration. LE Visit a dance or tae kwon do class, or invite a dance or karate teacher to the classroom to give a demonstration. ALPE AMPE