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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL See My Hands Ask the children to sit and move their hands and fingers in the following ways: • stretch hands and fingers as wide as possible; bend them into tightly clenched fists • move fingers in and out very fast; very slowly • bring hands together with much force (as though to clap them) but not letting them touch • repeat the previous movement, with hands up high; to one side; the other side • bring hands together using little force (making movement soft and light) • clasp hands together and move them up and down; in and out; side to side • turn hands from front (palms) to back • make circles with hands without moving arms Extending the Activity: Incorporate imagery to demonstrate just how many things the hands are capable of doing and saying. Before beginning, emphasize that there is to be no touching—that they are to perform these actions “in the air.” Then ask the children to show you these things: • praying hands • how their hands would look if they were frightened; happy; mad • a slapping motion (as at a mosquito) 34 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL