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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL See My Face Sit with the children and explain how they are going to discover the many different things they can do with their faces alone. Then present the following challenges to them: • Let me see a smile; a frown. • Make a “growling” face. • Close your eyes real tight; open them wide. • Wiggle your nose. • Close your mouth real tight; open it wide like a tunnel. • Show me you can make your mouth move from side to side. • Pucker up like you have just sucked on a sour lemon. • Blink your eyes open and shut like a light going on and off. • Lick your lips like you just saw something yummy to eat. • Show me a surprised face; an angry face; a really sad, about-to-cry face; a happy face! Extending the Activity: Play a game of Pass a Face. Sit in a circle with the children and begin by making a face that you “pass” to the child to your right or left. That child makes the same face and passes it along in the same direction. When the face has been passed all around the circle and comes back to you, repeat the process with a different facial expression. 32 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL