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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Simon Says This is an excellent body-parts activity that is familiar to most children. In this activity, Simon Says is played without the elimination process. (In the traditional game, the chil- dren who need to participate the most are usually the first to be eliminated!) Begin by saying “Simon says” before each request. “Simon” might make the following requests: • Raise your arms. • Touch your head. • Stand up tall. • Touch your toes. • Touch your shoulders. • Pucker up your mouth. • Stand on one foot. • Place your hands on hips. • Bend and touch your knees. • Close (open) your eyes. • Reach for the sky. • Give yourself a hug! Extending the Activity: To incorporate listening skills into the activity, as with the traditional game, begin saying “Simon says” only before some of the requests, reminding children they are not supposed to move without Simon’s permission. To keep all children participating all the time, divide the group into two circles or lines. When a child moves without Simon’s permission, he or she simply leaves his or her line or circle and goes to the other. You can also make the game more challenging by incorporating more “difficult” body parts, like elbows, wrists, ankles, temples, and shins. Additionally, the more adept your children become at the game, the faster your pace should be! 30 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL