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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Introduction Welcome to the Moving & Learning family! The movement program you have in your hands, Early Elementary Children, is intended for use with children ages six to eight years old and is being used in schools, child care settings, recreation centers, and gymnastic centers throughout the United States and in several other countries. The program consists of activities falling under five categories: Openers and Closers, Basic Movement, Cooperative Activities, Educational Gymnas- tics, and Rhythm and Dance. Naturally, there is some overlap and interrelat- edness between activities from one category to another. However, I chose the placement of each activity according to the category for which it seemed most appropriate. A brief description of each category follows: 1. Openers and Closers These activities can be used as “warm- ups” and “cooldowns” in that they are intended to physically and psychologically prepare the children to begin and end their move- ment education class. 2. Basic Movement These activities, comprising the largest cate- gory, explore the fundamental locomotor (traveling) and nonloco- motor (nontraveling) skills and the movement elements of space, shape, time, force, and flow. 3. Cooperative Activities Partner and group activities fall into this category and offer children the opportunity to further develop their interpersonal skills. 4. Educational Gymnastics Included in this section are rolling, weight transfer, and balance activities and combinations of locomo- tor and nonlocomotor skills. 1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL