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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xiv  Rhythm and Dance Activity Art Language Arts Music X Body Sounds Math Science X Social Studies Page X 152 Echoing Rhythms X X X 153 Clapping Names X X X 154 Pass the Beat X X X 155 Rain Dance X X X 156 Common Meters X X X 157 A Not-So-Common Meter X X X 158 Four Beats to the Measure X X X 159 Ten Seconds X Let’s Swing X 161 X X Vibration X X Percussion X X 165 X X 166 Suspend and Collapse X More Movement Words X 162 X 164 X 168 X 169 Let’s Step-Hop X X A Square Path X X 171 X X 172 X X 174 X X 175 Exploring 3/4 Time X Zigzagging Pathways The 3/4 Run Making Dances X X X COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL X 176