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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL   xiii Educational Gymnastics Activity Art Language Arts Math Music Locomotion Science Social Studies Page X 126 X 127 Jumping and Landing X 129 Exploring Weight Placement X 130 X X 131 X X 132 Sitting Balances X 134 Dynamic Balance X Moving with Limitations X Counting Body Parts Static Balance Let’s Roll I X X X 135 X X 136 X Let’s Roll II Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balances X 137 X X Balance and Recovery X X X 138 139 Partner Balance X X 140 More Partner Balances X X 141 X X X 143 X X 144 X 146 Group Balance Exploring Upside Down X X Discovering the Forward Roll X X Combining Locomotor Skills X 147 Movement Words X 149 Gymnastic Sequences X COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL X 150