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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xii  Cooperative Activities Activity Social Studies Page X 102 X 103 X 104 X 106 X 107 X X 108 X X 109 X 110 X 112 X X 113 X X 114 X X 115 X X 116 X 117 X X 119 X X 120 X X 121 Footsie Rolls X X 122 Let’s Slither X X 123 X 124 Bridges and Tunnels Art Language Arts X Math Music X Switcheroo! Follow the Leader Science X X X Pass a Movement X Cooperative Musical Chairs X Mirror Game II X Circle Design X Palm to Palm X Forming Shapes with Partners X Forming Letters with Partners X X X Shadow Game X X X X Touch and Move Matching Shapes X Moving Forward with a Partner Ducks, Cows, Cats, and Dogs X X X X X X Synchronized Partners Turning with a Partner Exploring Contrasts X X X X COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL