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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL   xi Basic Movement Activity Art Language Arts Math Music Science Exploring Up and Down X X X X X Space Exploration X X X X Body-Part Relationships X X Exploring Body and Spatial Directions X X Making Shapes X X Directing Traffic X Social Studies Page 54 X X 57 59 X X 61 63 X X 65 X X 66 Slow-Motion Moving X X 68 Exploring Accelerando and Ritardando X X X 69 Soft and Loud X X X 71 Moving Slow/Moving Fast X Robots and Astronauts X Staccato/Legato X Exploring Opposites X X 73 X 74 X Bending and Stretching X X Exploring Bending and Stretching X X 76 Let’s Sway X 78 X X X X 80 X Let’s Shake Let’s Sit 75 X X X 82 84 Let’s Turn X 85 X 87 Let’s Twist X Let’s Walk X X 88 Let’s Run X X 90 X 91 Let’s Jump X Let’s Leap X 93 X 94 X 95 Let’s Gallop X X Let’s Hop Let’s Slide X X Let’s Skip X X COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL X 96 98