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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL x  Curriculum Connectors Charts Openers and Closers Activity Art Simon Says Language Arts Math Science X X Music Social Studies X Page 30 See My Face X X 32 See My Hands X X 34 Mirror Game X Chanting Names X X X 36 X Relaxing Images X 39 More Relaxing Images X 40 Breath Rhythms X 41 Punchinello X 38 X Writing in Space X X X X 42 X 43 Let’s Focus X 44 Blind Movement X X 45 Arms in Motion X 46 Legs in Motion X 47 Exploring Right and Left Body-Halves Opposition X X X 48 X Imagining Sports Moving As If Imagining Inanimate Objects 49 X X X X COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 50 51 X 52