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WHEN VIEWING ON A TABLET OR MOBILE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM 5. Fun and Enjoyment I often say in my speeches that if doing something in particular is not fun, then it is not worth doing. The same goes for leadership. Leaders should bring a certain amount of levity to the work that they do. Being a fun leader means being energetic and enthusiastic. It means bringing awe and wonderment to the workplace. People often say to me, “You always seem to be so full of energy.” And I say, “I have to be; a broken spirit cannot lift another broken spirit.” No one is interested in following someone who is depressed or depressing. Embracing this leadership quality also means being able to take a step back and laugh at oneself. It means acknowledging one’s shortcomings (even in front of children or colleagues) and not taking oneself too seriously. Another aspect of being a fun leader is to bring fun to the workplace—to lighten it up. One of the best ways to do this is with good humor. Joy and enthusiasm are conta- gious, so it is important for leaders to be happy and upbeat. Please note that I am not suggesting that you partake in fun and games all the time. A good leader must be able to recognize when a sense of urgency is necessary and when a sense of lightheartedness is appropriate. Sometimes, the work is serious. Yet, most of the time, I’ve found that people can accomplish tasks and goals while being playful and enthused by the work that they are doing. For a field that places a high value on play, I am struck by how “play- less” we can be as we go about our collective work. 6. Personal Renewal Personal renewal is the act of revitalizing yourself so that you are able to give your best to others consistently on an ongoing basis. The process of personal renewal is important to being a great leader because it is through self-renewal that a leader balances and manages the stress that is a constant in any position of leadership. Without a means of renewal, a leader risks falling into the valley of despair and hopelessness, thus rendering him or herself useless to the cause of doing the right thing for children. A great leader must be capable of personal renewal in order to quell the everyday inner conflicts that result from juggling multiple priorities. You must keep your eyes on the prize and lead from behind and in front. Chapter 1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL