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WHEN VIEWING ON A TABLET OR MOBILE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM Acknowledgments A thank you goes to the children past and present who have inspired my pas- sion for doing the right thing for children and to the many teachers and admin- istrators who have informed my work. I also want to thank all the people whose stories are woven with mine; pieces of their stories that have impacted my leadership story appear in this book. I have changed their names or blended them into composites to tell my story; but even so, I hope you know who you are and accept my thanks. I am grateful to my two mentors Gwen Morgan and the late Kathlyn Johnson Moses—they invited me to be a leader. Kathy McKeon, my dear friend and col- league of many years, first suggested that I had something worth sharing with others and that there was a book inside me—thank you! To Helen Chang: You have been my thought partner who helped me to organize my thinking around the topic of leadership. My special thanks to Kyra Ostendorf, my editor at Redleaf Press, for her unwavering faith in my ability to produce a book and who patiently encouraged, nudged, cajoled, and pushed me to get it down on paper and who then skillfully provided guidance, ques- tions, and suggestions on how to make it better. Finally, a special shout-out to David Heath, director at Redleaf, for his continuous support throughout this process, who also believed that I could but wasn’t always sure that I would— thank you, David, for keeping the faith. xv COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL