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WHERE I LIVE! Celebrating Home Ask children to think about all the things they like about their home and their neighborhood. Help them think about the inside and the outside, the people they share their home with, the things they do in their home and yard, and the neighbors they play with. Encourage children to use art supplies of their choice (crayons, markers, paint, and so on) and photographs of their home to create a book about it. Provide children with paper for the front and back cov- ers and the pages of their book. Then show them a few options for binding the pages, such as with staples or by using tape or binding rings through punched holes. Support children in adding any text for their book. Finally, encourage children to show their finished books to each other. ALPE MATERIALS paper, art supplies requested by the children, photographs of children’s homes, and binding supplies OTHER IDEAS Read and discuss books celebrating homes, such as This Is Our House by Michael Rosen and Going Home by Eve Bunting. ALE Teach children traditional songs that include the theme of home, such as “This Old Man” and “Home on the Range.” Listen to songs about home, such as “We Love Our Home” by Francine Lancaster. ALE Engage children in creating a cele- bration song, dance, or poem about homes. LPE ALE 15