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WHERE I LIVE! Neighborhood Watch Read All Through My Town by Jean Reidy. Discuss things that happen in the neighborhood(s) or city where the children live. Clip articles and photographs from school and local newspapers, record a radio or television story, or choose a video clip from a website that involves area events and topics in which the children might be interested. School ball games, plays siblings are in, new movies being shown, and celebrations may be of interest. Share a variety of information, and always emphasize the street address, the name of the city, and the state where the event took place so that children become familiar with the use of those terms. You may also want to tell the children the name of the facility (park, high school, downtown square, and so on) where the event oc- curred. When sharing information, refer to any maps or photographs of places that are displayed in the room. LE MATERIALS newspapers, a radio, a television, a video recorder, and a monitor OTHER IDEAS Invite children and their families to be reporters and share about any- thing exciting that is happening in their neighborhood. Maybe a new community pool is being built, the bookmobile is making more frequent stops, or new swings are being added to the park. Encourage children and their families to bring photographs of the happening to share. LET Ask a community member to visit the classroom and share with children what being a good neighbor means to him. LE Invite individuals from the media to visit or video chat and tell about the stories they have covered in the children’s neighborhood(s). Alternatively, visit the local radio or television station to see what goes on behind the scenes and meet reporters who can give you updates on neighborhood activity. LET Play and listen to the words of “Ob- sessed by Trucks” by Justin Roberts. Invite children to collect all the trucks in the classroom for a close exam- ination. Ask children to describe the physical characteristics of each truck and to explain the purpose of that truck. Let children identify which kinds of trucks are in their neighbor- hood or city. LPST 13