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10 CHAPTER 1 Where Am I? Read Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney or Where Do I Live? by Neil Chesanow. Ask children the name of their country, state, county, and city. Show children a globe or large map, and point out the country, state, county, and city. On a map that can remain displayed, highlight or outline the state or province the children live in. Use a sticker to indicate the location of the city or town where the school is located. If children come from other towns or suburbs, use additional stickers to designate approximately where those places are. Show children the states or cities where their relatives live, places they have gone on vacation, and any location for which they tell you the name. LS MATERIALS Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney or Where Do I Live? by Neil Chesanow, maps, globes, a highlighter, stickers, names of children’s relatives’ towns, names of children’s vacation sites, and children’s addresses OTHER IDEAS Provide each child with an index card–size sheet of heavy paper with their name and address, and explain what it is. Read the addresses to them, and see if they recognize any of the letters or numbers. Sing the ad- dresses with them. Make up a cheer using their addresses, and include hand motions. Encourage children to decorate their cards, leaving the address visible. Make copies of the address cards for use in labeling block buildings, making puzzles, and carrying out other projects of interest to the children. AL Create or acquire a local map on which you can mark where each child and teacher in the class lives. Assist children in locating their ad- dress on the map, cutting out their face from a photograph, and gluing the photograph on their address. Help children see who lives closest to them and who lives the farthest from them. Add to the map other marks of locations that children may recognize (parks, libraries, restaurants). AMP Encourage children to write a letter or draw a picture to mail to them- selves. Provide envelopes, and assist children in writing their address in the correct space. Give them a stamp to affix. Take children to a mail drop to deposit their letters. LP