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8 CHAPTER 1 C DR HIL EN’S ACTIVIT IES My Home Show children photographs of the outside of various types of housing. Include all kinds that the enrolled children are likely to live in, as well as some addi- tional ones. Involve children in a conversation about how the homes are alike and how they are different. Help them examine the details, such as the num- ber of windows and whether the home has an upstairs or a garage. Encourage children to draw a picture of their home, including as many details as they can. Remember that a home may not be a house and that some children may live in a shelter or a car, or have more than one place they call home. Support each child in finding a way to represent their living space. Suggest that they draw what they can see from their home (parks, museums, businesses, neigh- bors, and so on) on the back of their papers. ALMP MATERIALS 8-by-10-inch photographs of houses (single-family, duplex, apartments, town- houses, mobile homes, campsites, recreational vehicles, single-level, multi- level, brick, stone, wood, aluminum siding, houseboats, nursing homes, group homes, shelters, birdhouses, doghouses, and so on) and art supplies OTHER IDEAS After informing families that the chil- dren will create a classroom collage with photographs of homes, request that they provide electronic or print photographs of where their child lives. Print electronic photographs, and duplicate prints for classroom use. Return originals to families. Engage children in mounting and creating frames for their photos. Add captions or assist them in writing their own. Provide a space for each child to add their family home photographs. ALE Engage children in a conversation about their homes, and have them describe details. If home exterior photographs are available from each child, encourage them to look at the photographs. Provide small blocks for children, and invite them to create buildings similar to their living spaces. Help children write their ad- dresses and put them in front of their structures; then take a photograph of them. Encourage children to add other buildings representing those in their neighborhoods, such as homes of neighbors, restaurants, and stores. ALP