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1 Where I Live! LEARNING OBJECTIVES Children will state their address (for example, town, street). Children will identify other people who live near them. Children will recognize that people and animals live in various kinds of living spaces and communities. Learning one’s name, address, and telephone number is essential for a child’s safety. Unfortunately, many children and families have no permanent residence; for a variety of reasons, many families move frequently. Families may be homeless, live in temporary shelters, or live with different family members for periods of time. Children may have blended families and multiple addresses. Work with families to determine children’s addresses and contact information while being sensitive to and respectful of individual family situations. Assist children in learning the various addresses that are important to them, including the name and address of their school or child care program. Memo- rizing this information may be difficult for many children because the numbers appear to be meaningless and thus may easily be forgotten. You may need to phrase questions in different ways for individual children. For example, a child may not understand the question “What is your address?” but may know the an- swer to “Where do you live?” Some children may remember their address more easily if they can sing or chant the information. 5