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16 CHAPTER 1 Body Buddies Meet with children in small groups. Explain that they are to come up with a way to show other children in the class what they have learned about bodies. They can create and sing a song, make a book and show it, draw a picture and tell about it, present a puppet show, or use any other ideas they have. As- sure them that you will provide materials and help them. Support each group, asking questions to help children focus on the content about body parts, pro- tecting their bodies, and accepting differences in others. Arrange a time for each group to share their experiences. Film the activity so children can watch themselves, and make the recording available to their families. ALET MATERIALS materials identified by children, a video camera, and a viewing device for the video OTHER IDEAS Invite another class or family mem- bers to see the creations children have made to demonstrate their understanding of body parts. ALE Let children use a computer or an application on a multi-touch mobile device to write and illustrate a book about body parts. ALT Ask children, one at a time, to play “school” with you. Let them know you want to be the student and that you want them to teach you about body parts. As you play, evaluate what each child knows. ALE Place pictures of body parts in a box. Ask each child to take a picture out of the box and then share what the body part is and how to take care of it. LT