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THE PARTS OF ME! Protection Play the song “Driving in My Car” by the Cat’s Pajamas. Tell children that the outsides of their bodies protect the insides of their bodies by keeping out germs and holding their bodies together. Explain that our outside parts (such as our eyes and skin) sometimes need protecting and that protecting our out- side parts helps us stay healthy. Show items used to protect the body, and allow children to try on some of the items to demonstrate how they are used. Invite them to share what they know about the items. Ask additional questions, such as “Have you ever worn one of these?” and “Who might wear this?” and “Why might someone wear this?” Explain that we need to protect our bodies from harm. Add materials to interest areas for follow-up role playing and for actual use in activities such as riding trikes or woodworking. LPT MATERIALS a recording of “Driving in My Car” by the Cat’s Pajamas, an audio device for playing music, and a collection of safety items (such as goggles, sunglasses, helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, mouth guards, steel-toe shoes, rain boots, sunscreen, sun hats, insect repellent, dust masks, long pants, back supports, swimming earplugs, winter coats, umbrellas, adhesive bandages, safety vests, life jackets, rubber gloves, shower safety grips, and so on) OTHER IDEAS Have children sort baskets of cloth- ing according to weather conditions, such as rainy, sunny and hot, and snowy. Ask children to explain their decisions. Remember that children experience temperatures differently from one another, just as adults do. Visit a workplace where employees wear protective equipment or cloth- ing, or invite a worker to visit the classroom wearing protective gear for children to see and ask questions about. LT LPS Visit a store that sells protective Set up a safety gear store in the class- materials and check out the variety room as a special interest area. In- and prices, or ask a store manager volve children in designing the space to bring a sampling of safety gear to and deciding what items to include, the classroom to show children what how much each item should cost, each item is used for and tell them and in writing the job description for what it costs. the store clerks. LMT ALM 13