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12 CHAPTER 1 Making Bodies For this activity, plan to work with one small group of children at a time. Tell each small group of children that they are going to make a body and can draw or paint it on paper, mold it out of modeling clay, or create it with stuffing and dress-up clothes (like a scarecrow). Encourage them to decide what kind of body they want to make and ask whether they want to make the body alone or together. Help them identify the materials they need, and help them make a plan. Facilitate and support children as needed. Play the song “Skin” by Angie Bolton and Dennis Westphall. Talk with children about the importance of skin on the bodies they are making, and encourage them to include as many body parts as possible. aLMP materials identified by children, a recording of “Skin” by Angie Bolton and Dennis Westphall, and an audio device for playing music OTHER IDEAS Invite a medical professional to visit the classroom with charts, X-rays, and models of the human body. Help children cut out linked paper dolls. Provide paper strips, and show children how to fold the strip back and forth into four equal parts. With the paper folded, help children draw Invite a veterinarian to visit the class- a picture of a child with arms out- room with animal pictures, charts, stretched, touching the sides of the X-rays, and models of animal bodies. paper. Provide a template for them to draw around if needed. Have chil- Read Contemplating Your Bellybutton dren cut around the outline, except by Jun Nanao. where the arms touch the edges. lst lst LE MP