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THE PARTS OF ME! The Body as a Work of Art Arrange a trip to see various art representations of bodies. Prepare children to look at the many ways bodies are represented and displayed. Ask open- ended questions to encourage observation and discussion. Encourage children to compare the various representations in terms of size, materials, realness, and so on. Let children sketch or take pictures of what they see. Consider the following locations for visits: an art shop or museum with sculptures, photographs, draw- ings, and paintings; an art class with works in progress; a lawn and garden store with statues, water fountains, and plaques; a clothing store with mannequins; a doll store; a gift store with figurines; a dance studio or recital hall; a garden to see scarecrows; and a public park with monuments or statues. ALMT MATERIALS paper, pencils, and a camera OTHER IDEAS Give a doll to each child. Ask children another, and encourage them to be accepting of differences. how the dolls’ body parts are like their own body parts. Ask how the dolls’ body parts are different from Play “Just an Old Jalopy” by the their own body parts. Cat’s Pajamas. Visit a car garage or auto-body shop, and talk about the Give a stuffed animal to each child. various car bodies and parts. Ask an Ask children how the stuffed animals’ employee to tell children the names body parts are like their own body of a car’s body parts and to show parts. Ask how the stuffed animals’ them the tools used to keep the car’s body parts are different from their parts running smoothly. own body parts. Then ask children to compare their fingers to the fingers of Visit a museum, medical facility, or another child. Let children compare other location to see skeletons and other visible body parts with one bones. Talk briefly about the parts of the body they cannot see. LS LS LT LS 11