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10 CHAPTER 1 IL CH A DREN’S CTIVITIE S Tickle My Toes Play the song “Tickle My Toes” by Justin Roberts. Ask children if they know what tickle means. Listen to their tickle stories, commenting now and then. Tell them that when someone is touched softly or tickled, the person may want to move away, but sometimes tickling may cause the person to smile or laugh. Using a craft feather, softly tickle your own wrist. Ask children if they want you to tickle their wrists, and then tickle any volunteers with the feather. Ask them how it feels. Let children know that you are going to give each of them a feather. After passing out the feathers, ask them to tickle their own visible body parts, one at a time, as you name them. Start with the body parts children are most likely to know, such as finger, toe, face, ear, nose, mouth, arm, leg, foot, stomach, knee, and elbow. Then add body parts they are less likely to know, such as wrist, ankle, shin, chest, palm, hip, back, eyebrow, thigh, shoulder, neck, chin, earlobe, and armpit. If they do not know a body part, tickle yours to show them. Play the game again, adding new body parts each time. To add a math element, count the feathers as you distribute and collect them. lmpe ! Safety Note: Let children know to keep their feathers away from their eyes when tickling their faces and to tickle only the outside of their ears, noses, and mouths. MATERIALS a recording of “Tickle My Toes” by Justin Roberts, an audio device for playing music, and one craft feather per child OTHER IDEAS Play traditional games like Simon Says and sing traditional songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and the “Hokey Pokey” so children can practice recognizing body parts. alpe Help children use their body parts to make sounds, such as clapping, snapping, humming, and flapping. Challenge them to come up with sounds by asking questions like, “What sounds can your feet make?” alpe Play the song “Smart Parts” by Justin Roberts, and then ask children which body parts they think are their smart parts. alp Read and discuss Me and My Amazing Body by Joan Sweeney. ls