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THE PARTS OF ME! CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT Encourage self-help skills, independence, and decision making by providing each child with an accessible place to hang or store coats, hats, and other clothing. Have extra clothing (such as jackets, hats, and closed shoes) available for children who do not come to class with appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Include a wide variety of clothes and accessories for dramatic play so chil- dren become familiar with clothing for different activities and celebrations and clothing from different cultures. Provide nonbreakable mirrors in hand-washing areas to encourage children to focus on their own hygiene. Make sure child-size helmets are available to children every time they use a wheeled toy. Kneepads and elbow pads, along with helmets, offer protection when children go ice-skating or in-line skating and when they use riding toys or scooters. Provide protective gear as needed for various activities. Gloves are great for picking up trash or digging in the sand. Safety goggles offer protection during woodworking activities. Encourage sun safety every day, all year long. Sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats help prevent damage from sunrays. Long sleeves and pants can provide sun protection while still being comfortable and cool. EVALUATION Do children increasingly use correct names for body parts? Can children compare their height, skin color, and hair color to other people’s? Do children use protective clothing and safety gear, such as helmets and kneepads or sunglasses and hats? Do children use language and actions to show acceptance of their bodies and the bodies of others? Do children ask for or initiate dressing appropriately for weather and outside play? 9