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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Introduction I 9 Supervisor q Is Group Being or a Individual Use? Workbook Intended for How Is Being a Supervisor Workbook Designed for Training? The workbook is designed so participants will i Experience active learning by participating in discussions, solving problems, applying new knowledge to their current work situations, and getting reenergized about working in the early childhood fi eld i Connect current knowledge with the new material and have opportunities to talk about and share common concerns and issues regarding supervision i Gain practical knowledge and tips to begin using in their programs immediately How to Use Being a Supervisor Workbook in Trainings You can use this book for a variety of training needs and situations. Here are some examples: i Group of supervisors from a program i Administrative team i Lunch and learn i Staff meeting i In-service day i Partnership of several programs i Community outreach i Recruiting tool i Local conference COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL being a supervisor DESIGN Either way works great! You can use Being a Supervisor as a training tool with a group or on your own. Either way, read through the appropriate content and then complete the exercises throughout the book and at the end. Jotting down your answers will give you the greatest benefit from the workbook. If you are in a training group, having a written answer to refer to may help you feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts during the meeting in front of other people.