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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Part One: The Tax Organizer 31 B. If You Cared for Children on an Irregular Schedule If your hours of business were not on a regular schedule throughout the year, you will have to carefully track your hours worked for each month. Calculate the number of hours you cared for children each day, from the moment the first child arrived until the last child left. Don’t count any days that your business was closed because of vacations, holi­ days, or illnesses. Next, calculate your business hours when children were not present by filling out the table Business Hours in the Home When Children Were Not Present on page 30. # Hours Caring for Children January ______ February + ______ March + ______ April + ______ May + ______ + ______ June July + ______ + ______ August September + ______ October + ______ November + ______ December + ______ Total hours caring for children: (H) = _______ Summary of Business Hours Total hours caring for children (H) _______ Total business hours when children were not present (F) + _______ Total business hours (I) = _______ Enter the Total business hours (I) amount on Form 8829, line 4. If You Use the Redleaf Calendar-Keeper Follow the same directions as listed above to report your total number of business hours. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL