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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Part One: The Tax Organizer 29 Your Time Percentage Your Time percentage is the ratio of hours spent on business activities in your home during this tax year to the total hours in a year. There are two ways to calculate this ratio, depending on whether the care you provide for children is on a regular or irregu­ lar schedule throughout the year. In either case, you need to have written records of the hours you worked. A. If You Cared for Children on a Regular Schedule throughout the Year Complete this section if the hours you cared for children were fairly consistent from week to week during this tax year. If the hours weren’t consistent, go to section B on page 31. Hours Caring for Children on a Regular Basis Time the first child regularly arrived at your home ��������� Time the last child regularly left your home ��������� (A) Number of hours in a day the children were present, from the time ��������� the first child regularly arrived until the last child regularly left x ��������� Number of days you worked per week = ��������� Hours you worked in a week x ��������� 52 weeks = ��������� (B) Tentative hours caring for children You cannot count time spent on vacations, holidays, illnesses, or other days your business was closed. Below, record these days for the entire year and subtract this total from the tentative hours caring for children: Vacations ��������� + ��������� Holidays + ��������� Illnesses + ��������� Other (describe: _______________________________________________________ ) = ��������� Total days closed x ��������� (A) Hours worked in a typical day = ��������� (C) Total hours closed (B) Tentative hours caring for children ��������� – ��������� (C) Total hours closed = ��������� (D) Total hours caring for children on a regular basis Additional Hours Caring for Children Children arriving early or staying late Children staying overnight Occasional care on weekends Other (describe: ____________________ ) Total additional hours caring for children Average # Hours _____ _____ _____ _____ COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL x x x x # Times per Year _____ _____ _____ _____ = _______ = + _______ = + _______ = + _______ (E) = _______